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Seeds and Pulses Sacks


S G Baker is a leading European supplier of top quality bags, sacks and FIBCs (also known as tote bags, tonne bags or big bags) and container liners for seeds and pulses. We have a strong international reputation with proven integrated supply chains manufacturing in Europe, Asia and the Far East. Our commitment to understanding our customers' requirements, providing outstanding service and quality assured products enables us to build long term relationships with our customers.

S G Baker offers several different types of bags and sacks for packing seeds and pulses. Examples include woven polypropylene sacks, paper bags and paper bags with a woven polypropylene lamination.

FIBCs (also known as tonne bags, big bags or tote bags) used for packing seeds and pulses are usually 500kg capacity with a 'twin lift' lifting system.

For bulk export, the innovative design of S G Baker 'barless' container liners ensures the product is protected from the surfaces of the container and dispenses with the bars usually required to support the liner, saving cost whilst maintaining performance.

Unprinted bags of all types and unprinted FIBCs for packing seeds and pulses are available to purchase ex stock.

All bags and FIBCs can be provided with top quality printing. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.